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Update April 9, 2012

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Okay, so first off if your reading this THANK YOU! We don’t have very many viewers (does anyone know how to check the views?) we pretty sure..haha. SO were hoping for a few comments, so please comment on some of our current blog updates and exepect more. Also, Happy EASTER!

This is just a vague update. We created this blogs in hopes of becoming famous bloggers. Our dream is somehow fading out, but we will NOT give up all hope. We will update and try to keep up with the newest up and coming celebrities. It’s our very first blog, so try not to judge us on our first couple entries, we are just exploring the options and different formats of writing.

Next, we’d like to announce we our now on YOUTUBE! No updates yet but were planning a dance dare (you know the ellen show contest?) and other videos. If your interested our username is LindaMeagen. So check it out. Thanks…

Suscribe,comment, and check out our youtube account,

xo, Linda and Meagen or Meagen and Linda



Welcome to Celebrity Struck April 4, 2012

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Hello and welcome!

This is a celebrity dedicated site/blog that well keep you up to date with the newest celebrity stars. We will be featuring a large variety of your favorite stars, so stay tuned for future updates!


Linda & Meagen